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Achievments of Graduate Researches

Some Research Achievements of graduates, and Relevance to Promotion of Technology:

  • The Viruses PPR, PB, RSV, BHV-1, BVDV, Aden have been discovered in camel limps for the first true in the Sudan. The immune System to these viruses has been clarified.
  • The Viruses PPR has been confirmed as the main agent causing camel ling infixions.
  • The “Bagara” bulls can be effectively fattened by adding urea to their fodder, being a cheap nitrogen source.
  • Bird influenza virus HSNI was isolated for the first true in the Sudan, from chicken, as a result of country-wide studies.
  • Study of Plant cover in southern cordovan concluded that-the bush and grass cover need protection and repartition of trees. The area requires spraying of soil nutrients.
  • New varieties of sorghum, resistant to drought were produced.
  • Management procedures for control of mesquite trees were suggested.
  • Research has shown that speeding of wheat grown in litigated schemes of clay soil can be reduced from 72kg/hect. To 50 kg/hect.
  • Pula, the parasite of sorghum, can be controlled by in maculation with soil bacteria.
  • Secretion of cytokine (1l-10) might be the source of protection of sickle-cells anemic persons from malaria.
  • It was shown that non-wood celluloses fibers such as ken of a seisal are more suitable for paper production, than wood.
  • Developed chromatographic methods proved efficient in testing for Bromides in water and bread.
  • Addition of “Humus” flour to wheat flour improves the equably of bread and adds important nutrient ingredients.
  • A unit for increasing production of propylene from liquid oil gas was designed, production wheal was 74.101. Jumped to 99.90%.