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Agriculture Research Council

Agriculture research started in 1902 in the Sudan for the study of the possibility of cotton cultivation by irrigation in northern Sudan and by rain in southern Sudan. In 1967 agriculture research which was a department in the Ministry of Agriculture, gained an independent status under the name of Agriculture Research Corporation. In 2001 the latter became one of the components of the Sudan Ministry of Science and Technology.
The Agriculture Research Corporation is now a member of the Federal Union of the Sudan Academy of Sciences, and supervises and executes the agriculture research programs sponsored by SAS.  


Objectives of Agriculture Research Programs:


  • Training of specialized personnel and awarding of postgraduate degrees to qualified candidates in agriculture research.
  • Carrying out research to establish an information base and proper technological packages for agricultural development.
  • Training of middle specialized personnel in agriculture.
  • Dissemination of agriculture technology among stakeholders and beneficiaries.


    Programs Available by Research:

  • Agriculture (Crop Production )
  • Agriculture ( Plant Breeding )
  • Agriculture ( Horticultural Sciences )
  • Agriculture  ( Forage  and Range ) 
  • Agriculture ( Agricultural Mechanization)
  • Agriculture ( Forestry )
  • Agriculture ( Crop Protection)
  • Agriculture ( Agricultural Economics)
  • Agriculture (Food Science and Technology)
  • Agriculture ( Soil and Water Sciences)
  • Agriculture ( Plant Biotechnology )
  • Agriculture (  Agricultural Engineering)
  • Agriculture (  Agricultural Extension)