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Animal Wealth Research Council

Postgraduate studies in animal resources represent an important component of the national resources conservation. These research programs deals with applied research, relevant to the development priorities, spelt out in the 25- years' National Strategic Plan. The scientific record of livestock health in the Sudan goes back to 1913. The advancement in diagnostic methods led to the establishment of regional veterinary laboratories for diagnosis of epidemic-diseases, vaccine production and research. This was followed by the establishment of the Veterinary Research Corporation in 1995, while supervises execution of animal resources research programs endorsed by SAS.






  • Protection of the national livestock wealth from disease and epidemics, especially those which affect export.
  • Genealogy of Sudanese breeds of livestock and poultry, its improvement and production systems. 
  • Protection and development of the fisheries wealth and promotion of fish- culture techniques.
  • Protection of wildlife biodiversity and promotion of national game parks and national protected areas, and improvement of techniques of game capturing.
  • Programs Available by Research:

  • Veterinary Sciences  (Biochemistry and Toxicology )
  •  Veterinary Sciences( Pathology)
  • Veterinary Sciences ( Microbiology)
  • Veterinary Sciences( Virology)
  • Sciences ( Parasitology )
  • Veterinary Sciences (Epidemiology)
  • Wildlife Sciences  
  • Animal Production (Animal Breeding )
  •  Animal Production (Animal  Nutrition )
  • Animal Production ( Dairy )
  • Animal Production ( Poultry )
  • Animal Production ( Meat Science)
  • Animal Resources Economics 
  • Veterinary Extension
  • . Fisheries(Fish Technology )
  • Fisheries(Fish Culture)
  • Fisheries(Fish Pathology)
  • Natural  Capture and Aquatic Fauna