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Political and Diplomatic Council

These programs are supervised by the National Centre fort Diplomatic Studies; which is an educational and training center established in 13/1/1992 to develop the diplomatic capabilities and skills.
The Centre belongs to the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and localized in Khartoum.



The Objectives:



  • Conducting research in various areas related to political, diplomatic and strategic fields. 
  •  Carrying out and studies and specialized research work in African, Arabic and international issues.
  • Enabling studying groups, to conduct specialized research.
  • Gathering the outstanding studies and research in a unified manner, in order to assist decision makers to select the required material from an established references collection.            
  • Award of higher degrees to interested candidates.
  • Supply of qualified scientific and specialized personnel in diplomatic, political and strategic work.

Programs Available by Research:

  • International Relations
  • Political Sciences
  • Diplomatic Studies   
  • Strategic  Studies
  • Programs Available by Courses:


  • International Relations