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Federal Union Members

The Following are research corporations and centers members of the federal system of the Academy.

  1. Agriculture Research Corporation.
  2. Animal Wealth Research Corporation.
  3. National Centre for Research.
  4. Industrial Research and Consultation Corporation
  5. Atomic Energy Agency.
  6. Economic and Social Research Institute.
  7. Cancer Research Institute
  8. Diplomatic Studies and Research Institute.
  9. Meteorological Studies and Research Corporation.
  10. Africa city of Technology.

Membership of the Academy Federal Organization is Optional, based on signing of a contract document, spelling out the role and commitments of signatures in the training Of Postgraduate candidates in accordance with The Academy’s Procedures and regulations. Corporations and centres, affiliated to The Academy Federal System, are organized in Specialized Councils, whith form the, authorized representatives, in contact with Academy Administration.
These Councils Are:
  • Biological Sciences ,Modern Technologies and Environment Council.
  • Agriculture Research Council.
  • Animal Wealth Research Council.
  • Engineering Research and Industrial Technology Council.
  • Atomic Energy Council.
  • Energy and Earth Sciences Council.
  • Cancer Studies and Research Council.
  • Economic, social and Human Studies Council.
  • Political and Diplomatic Council.
  • Applied Science & Technology Council.
  • Community Services Council.