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By Research

Sudan Academy of Science Offer the following Research Programs, for MSC and PhD Degrees (by Research only):

Biological Sciences ,Modern Technologies and Environment Programs
  • Biomedical Programs:
  • Endemic diseases.
    • Biology and control of victor of diseases.
    • Immunology, and Biotechnology.
    • Pharmacology, Toxicology, Chemistry, Taxonomy and agriculture technology of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.
    • Medical Anthropology.
    • Tissue culture.
  • Modern Technology Programs:
    • Cheap Buildings Technology.
    • Cellulose and Fibers.
    • Housing in urban Settlements.
    • Remote Sensing.
    • Geographical Information Systems.
    • Bibliography, Librarianship and Electronic Library.
    • Earthquakes.
    • Minerals.
    • Polymers
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Programs:
    • Desertification and Management of Arid Lands:
    • Chemical Fertilyers.
    • Pesticides Alternatives.
    • Environmental pollution.
    • Management and recycling of waters.
    • Utilization of Microbiological Agents in pollution control.
    • Application of Remote Sensing For Monitoring Resources and Environmental Changes.
    • Seismological and seismotactonic studies
    • Environmental legislations.
    • Climate Change Research.
Agriculture Research Programs.
  • Plant Reading (Field and Modem Techniques).
  • Crop Production of : (Sorghum , Wheat, corn, millet, sesame ,sunflower ,ground, nuts, legumes ).
  • Horticulture research.
  • Pasture and animal fodder research.
  • Agriculture engineering research.
  • Forestry research.
  • Crop production research.
  • Nutritional Science and technology.
  • Land and water research.
  • Agriculture economic and social studies.
  • Agriculture biotechnology
Animal Wealth Research Programs.
  • Animal health (microbiological and parasitic diseases Zonostic diseases, nutrient deficiency).
  • Vaccines Production.
  • Animal nutrition Research
  • Fodder Research.
  • Wildlife Research.
  • Fishing and fisheries Research.
Engineering Research and Industrial Technology Programs:
  • Medicinal and aromatic plants chemistry.
  • Paper and Paper-bulb research.
  • Plastic Polymers research.
  • Energy and environment Students.
  • Biotechnology and Microbiology research.
  • Chemical industries, (Purification and local Sieving materials).
  • Food quality Control, (Storage and expiry dates).
  • Milk and milk technology.
  • Bread industry Studies.
  • Heat and heat insulators.
  • Oil and Oil seeds technology.
  • Water and water Purification technology.
  • Leather treatment technology.
  • Control of Production and distillation of electricity.
  • Tapping of underground crude minerals.
  • Intelligent control of industrial equipment.
  • Weaving industry research.
  • Medical equipment engineering.
  • Electronic design and research.
  • Computer engineering research.
  • Wire and wireless communication engineering.
  • Information technology.
Atomic Energy Programs.
  • Application of atomic technology and molecular biology in disease diagnosis.
  • Production and development of immunity radiation assessment.
  • Control of exposure to radiation in the medical and environmental fields.
  • Chemical analysis of environmental samples using XRF, XRD and AAS techniques.
  • Electronic engineering research, (design of circuits, mechanical intelligence simulators).
Energy and Earth Sciences Programs.
  • Solar Energy research.
  • Biomass Energy research.
  • Wind energy and small water force.
  • Economic studies and technology transfer and development of renewable energies.
  • Water research, (irrigation, Water supply, recycling of sewage Water etc).
  • Oil and gas research.
  • Electrical, heat and gas energies.
  • Geological research, (earth – crust, mining, minerals and glass industry).
Cancer Studies and Research Programs.
  • Statistical analysis of the spread of cancer in the Sudan.
  • Early discovery of cancer.
  • Vitalization of radiation science and atomic medicine technologies
Economic, social and Human Studies Programs.
  • Internal Human Migration, And Impact of Emigration
  • Role of women in development.
  • AIDS disease impact.
  • Oil industry and utilization.
  • International Trade Organization and its impact on the Sudan.
  • Poverty in the Sudan.
  • Research on privatization policy.
  • Sudan after peace agreement.
  • Gender studies.
Political and Diplomatic Programs.
  • Political science.
  • Diplomatic studies.
  • International relations.
  • Strategic planning.
Information & Communication Programs
  • Information technologies (computer data treatment, Programs, informatics and electronic industry.
  • Communication networks, (broad and wireless access, converge network, V.sat networks, voice over IP, digital scanty).